Edible Gold

Edible gold is real gold intended to be used as a garnish. Gourmet Edible Gold Leaf are added to desserts, beverages, savory foods and culinary presentations into works of art to give a sparkling gold shine to the surface. You can use edible gold leaf to gild just about anything to which you want to add a touch of sophistication. Our edible products are certified by the FDA & laboratories and respond to the U.S. regulations regarding alimentary colorants for the decoration of food and drinks.

We provide the following Edible Gold:

  • 23K Edible Gold Leaf

    • Comes in booklets of Transfer Leaf and Loose Leaf
    • Each sheet/leaf is 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″.
    • Each booklet contains 25 leaves. A booklet covers 1 5/6 square feet.
    • Each pack contains 20 booklets, or 500 leaves. A pack covers 31 square feet.
    • We also sell sample booklets of 5 leaves
  • 23.5K Edible Gold Powder

Click Here for FDA Certificate of Registration

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Showing all 8 results