Edible Gold

Edible gold is real gold intended to be used as a garnish and can be added to desserts, beverages, savory foods and culinary presentations. You can use edible gold leaf to gild just about any dish for which you would like to add a touch of sophistication. Our edible products are certified by the FDA & laboratories and correspond to the U.S. regulations regarding alimentary colorants for the decoration of food and drinks.

We have the following:

  • 23K Edible Gold Leaf
    • Edible gold that come in sheets of 3  1/8″   x   3  1/8″
      • Available in Loose and Transfer Sheets
  • 23.5K Edible Gold Powder
  • 23.5K Edible Gold Flakes (Small)
  • 23.5K Edible Gold Flakes (Medium)
  • 23.5K Edible Gold Flakes (Large)

**Note: For 5 or more grams of Edible Gold Powder or Edible Gold Flakes, contact us for discounts:

Click Here for FDA Certificate of Registration

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Showing all 8 results