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Wholesaler of Gold Leaf, Metal Leaf, and Gilding Supplies since 1998

L.A. Gold Leaf Wholesaler proudly supplies gold leaf gilding products and pinstriping tools to gilders, pinstripers and many other artists for well over 20 years. Our family-owned business is well-known in the U.S. and around the world for our high-quality materials and tools that are all competitively priced. With the demand of precious metals on the rise, our gold leaf will surely bring aesthetic and monetary value to your work or project!

Culinary artists, sculptors and painters that are new to gilding–please take a look at our genuine gold leaf products for your work! Artists that have already been gilding and are looking for a new supplier or happened to stumble upon our store, you’ve come to the right place. Those of you that have been with us before–welcome back.

24K DBL Transfer
Gold and Silver Leaf
24K TPL Transfer
Double Gold Leaf
2375K TPL Transfer
Triple Gold Leaf
Gold Flakes & Powder
Image of 23K Genuine Gold Roll protected by an orange-colored tissue paper backing.
23K Gold Roll
Quick Dry Gilding Size 8oz
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Gilding Brushes & Tools
Agate Burnisher 20 - Agate Stone
Agate Burnishers
Variegated Leaf
Imitation Gold
Imitation Silver
Gilding Kits

Are you looking to give your artwork a new look? Worried about decreasing value with your project? Genuine Gold Leaf just may be what you’re looking for. Genuine Gold Leaf that is above 22K is guaranteed to NOT tarnish, retaining its attractive gold luster for many decades to come (this applies to indoor-use. For outdoor-use, we highly recommend 23.75K or 24K).

Worried about spending too much, but still want the genuine gold look? Then try out our Imitation Gold Leaf. Its uncanny resemblance to gold is the reason Imitation Gold Leaf has grown to be exponentially popular over the past few decades. Indoor-use and application of a clearcoat is recommended.

Are you new to gilding? Try our genuine gold or even our imitation gold gilding kits! Even if you’re experienced in gilding, our gilding kits will have what you need to complete a small project.

Artist Appreciation:

We appreciate MaineMedia.edu for referring students to our store–Thank you so much! In the page linked here, one of Maine Media’s talented and experienced instructor’s, Marcy Palmer, briefly details “the alternative processes of clich√©-verre, image transfer techniques, and applying silver and gold leaf to photographs or artist books”.

Image credited to Marcy Palmer
Image credited to Marcy Palmer

To learn more about the multiple processes to acquire this effect, visit this page on mainemedia.edu


Items listed on Amazon Marketplace that list prices lower than what is shown on this website do NOT come from us. Most of our product listings in Amazon have been hijacked (for example, the 25 sheets of 24K transfer leaf). To guarantee that you are purchasing from us, please shop here!

Thank you for your understanding.

Custom Picture Framing

L.A. Gold Leaf Wholesaler also does business as L.A. Framing Wholesaler! Custom picture frames right in the Los Angeles County.