Handmade Gold Leaf Wallpaper

Classic Handmade Gold Leaf Wall Paper

It is manufactured with environmental friendly techniques. More colors to choose. Bright and modern effect.

Gold Leaf Wall Paper are products that can be used for decoration and are very elegant for decorative material of modern top-grade buildings, walls, and ceilings of hotels, restaurant, home and villas. Or they can even be made into gilded picture frame and art wares, which may be directly hung up in rooms to create splendid magnificence. Besides the moderate matching of gold leaf and platinum leaf may bring you all beauty of life and generate absolutely perfect and surprising decorative effects for you.

We do apologize we Do Not sell Single Samples for our Wallpaper, We do have all Samples in our Catalog we sell.

Characteristics: Air Ventilation, Anti-corrosion, Shock resistance, Environmental-friendly, Good lightfastness, Class A flame rating.

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results