Sinopia Black Bole



Sinopia’s Black Bole is used as a primer for water gilding. Used correctly in combination with hide glue or the like, Sinopia’s Black Bole can give the gilder flawless results with burnishing in the gilding process.

Sinopia’s Black Bole comes in 4 oz. and  16 oz.

***Indoor Use Only

***Requires Hide Glue

“The Traditional Water Gilding Technique allows the artist to lay gold leaf onto a soft clay ground that has been prepared with a natural glue, such as Rabbit Skin Glue, powder. While this technique requires a little more extra work than the convenient size gilding, the advantage of water gilding is the fact that the gold can be burnished to a high gloss finish, after the gold has been applied to the soft poliment ground.”

—Sinopia Pigments


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4 oz. $15.00, 16 oz. $45.00


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