24K Double Gold Leaf

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Double Gold = Double Thickness

Product information for 24K Genuine Double Gold Leaf:

99.9% Au

Size of each leaf: 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

Thickness of each leaf: not less than 0.132 microns

1 Booklet covers: 1 5/6 sqf

Our 24K Double Gold Leaf is also available in 4 booklet packages for both the loose and transfer types. A total of 100 leaf sheets.

24K Double Gold Leaf (4 Booklets)
24K Double Gold Leaf (4 Booklets)
We also have gold leaf packs for bulk orders exceeding 19 booklets. Each pack contains 20 booklets for a total of 500 genuine double gold leaf sheets. A maximum of 7 packs is allowed on every order online (pls contact store for more than 7 packs).

Additional information

Weight N/A
Package and Type

5 Sheets of Loose Leaf $17.99, 5 Sheets of Transfer Leaf $18.17, 1 Booklet (25 sheets) of Loose Leaf $79.88, 1 Booklet (25 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $82.40, 2 Booklets (50 sheets) of Loose Leaf $146.97, 2 Booklets (50 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $151.56, 4 Booklets (100 sheets) of Loose Leaf $271.56, 4 Booklets (100 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $280.06, 10 Booklets (250 sheets) of Loose Leaf $622.99, 10 Booklets (250 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $642.47, Pack (500 sheets) of Loose Leaf $1118.16, Pack (500 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $1153.27

23 reviews for 24K Double Gold Leaf

  1. Kevin Pawlitschek (verified owner)

    I can say I trust your Company. That’s a hard compliment to earn these days! Love the user friendly site! I really like the bulk discount!

  2. Mary Law (verified owner)

    I found service friendly and prices better than those of the discount art wholesalers (Jerry’s & Dick’s). I am new to gold leafing and would really appreciate it if the site would offer a page or two of instruction on using gold leaf. Delivery was fast– orders have arrived within 5 days or less. As expressed in the previous response, I’d appreciate a page or two on “how to”, perhaps with different sections for different media/surfaces.

  3. Tim Boyle (verified owner)

    Good service… didn’t visit web-site

  4. Porn Vilai Buckter (verified owner)

    Great personalized service on phone as well as over Internet.

  5. Cindy Parra (verified owner)

    Best prices I have found on gold leaf, and very friendly and super fast service.

  6. Joan Brand-Landkamer (verified owner)

    I was frantic when I found that Daniel Smith only carried imitation gold as I buy a lot of it every few years. I found you after trying a few other companies. I am very pleased with your prices and the ease of buying from you. joan brand-landkamer, icon writer.

  7. Lazaro Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Your gold leaf is very good and used it very efficiently. A little pricey but good.

  8. Nicole Marble (verified owner)

    I’m glad you are there!

  9. Richard Moxley (verified owner)

    Exceptionally fast service!

  10. Roy Horton (verified owner)

    Arrived very fast, good communication.

  11. Ronald Sanders (verified owner)

    The person I spoke with on the phone was of great help, given my ignorance about gold leaf. Excellent shopping and educational experience. I would recommend this merchant to others.

  12. Susan Thumm (verified owner)

    I experimented with the gold leaf, and it passed all tests. I kiln fired it on painted porcelain and it worked perfectly! Love the product! No problems

  13. Tim Boyle (verified owner)

    good job…

  14. Charles Brock (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased with products and customer service.

  15. Monte Roach (verified owner)

    Fast service and great products!

  16. Andrew Didomenico (verified owner)

    Packages are always professionally wrapped and labeled. I have only shopped a few times, Made a mistake once, a simple email and the order was fixed. Can’t ask for anything else. Still not sure what the difference is between double gold leaf and regular. Paypal would be helpful.

  17. Clay Moore (verified owner)

    Customer Service was great even though I bugged them!

  18. Charles Brock (verified owner)

    Products and service are excellent.

  19. Shirley Twining (verified owner)

    Finding double 24k golf leaf is not always easy to do and when I discovered L.A Gold Leaf Wholesaler I considered myself to be truly fortunate. A great many online sites that I have tried to purchase from are not organized well, display no flexibility therefore giving bad service if the buyer tries to change an order and are, in general, simply in need of a better programmer! I had formerly used a supplier from NY City but they were far more expensive. Packaged very well, prompt arrival, excellent quality — what more could I ask???

  20. Sybil De Clark (verified owner)

    No problem so far! The site is intuitive to navigate. I really like the fact that there is detailed description about the different tools. I just can’t remember what the shipping options were right now. you should have a “no opinion” option in the survey. 😉

  21. Cecelia Marie Aguallo (verified owner)

    Good Quality! I also tell others about the site and service. Very user friendly.

  22. Nicolas White (verified owner)

    As always; very pleased with overall shopping experience. Good quality, good price, fast shipping. Great work!

  23. Vincent Cantafio (verified owner)

    Thanks for the call for technical assistance. no problems “Top Shelf”! Thank you!! I’ll be back!!!

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