23.75K Genuine Gold Leaf

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Product information for 23.75K Genuine Gold Leaf:

99.0% Au, 0.7% Ag, 0.3% Cu

Size of each leaf: 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

Thickness of each leaf: not less than 0.107 microns

1 Booklet covers: 1 5/6 sqf

Our 23.75K Genuine Gold Leaf is also available in 4 booklet packages for both the loose and transfer types. A total of 100 leaf sheets.

23.75K Genuine Gold Leaf (4 Booklets)
23.75K Genuine Gold Leaf (4 Booklets)
We also have gold leaf packs for bulk orders exceeding 19 booklets. Each pack contains 20 booklets for a total of 500 genuine gold leaf sheets. A maximum of 7 packs is allowed on every order online (pls contact store for more than 7 packs).

Additional information

Weight N/A
Package and Type

5 Sheets of Loose Leaf $14.87, 5 Sheets of Transfer Leaf $15.02, 1 Booklet (25 sheets) of Loose Leaf $64.89, 1 Booklet (25 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $67.38, 2 Booklets (50 sheets) of Loose Leaf $119.36, 2 Booklets (50 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $123.97, 4 Booklets (100 sheets) of Loose Leaf $220.56, 4 Booklets (100 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $229.05, 10 Booklets (250 sheets) of Loose Leaf $506.00, 10 Booklets (250 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $525.48, Pack (500 sheets) of Loose Leaf $908.17, Pack (500 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $943.17

15 reviews for 23.75K Genuine Gold Leaf

  1. H. Willliam Rau

    Great products! Delivered quickly!

  2. Thomas Graves (verified owner)

    Very fast service!

  3. George Dillon

    I was kept informed of the status of my order and received very good service. You have a very informative web site. I will continue to buy from L.A. Gold Leaf Wholesaler.

  4. Fay Steele (verified owner)

    Professional, friendly service and the best prices I could find on genuine 24K goldleaf. I did have to call a representative to make sure about the 4 books of goldleaf bargain package to make sure I understood it correctly.

  5. Don Buckter (verified owner)

    L.A. Gold Leaf has never let me down. I hope I can visit your factory some day.

  6. Ari Fuller (verified owner)

    I was not sure about the genuine-ness or quality of LA Goldleaf, but when they contacted me to double check my financial institution it helped me trust them. A place at which I will shop again

  7. Andrew Thompson (verified owner)

    Good product for a good price, and good shipping speed.

  8. Cindy Fedeli (verified owner)

    Overall, the shipping response time is excellent. I had one package that arrived five weeks post order time, but Gold Leaf Wholesalers duplicated the order 10 days after we realized the order was “lost” in the mail. They replaced each item from the original order and I had it 2 days later! This is a quality organization and they back up their products 100%!!!!! Thank you Gold Leaf Wholesalers for your wonderful service!!!!

  9. Elizabeth Gaul (verified owner)

    I have shopped with several other gold leaf suppliers – LA is a stand out for the variety of products offered, great service and pricing. I now only buy from you. And when I have called with a question, your customer service is top notch.

  10. Mark Portolano (verified owner)

    great outfit helped me all the way.

  11. Arthur Manzo (verified owner)

    Best prices too. State of the art.

  12. Sue Charles (verified owner)

    Best prices

  13. Carolyn Arrington (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with my entire experience with L.A. Gold Wholesalers.

  14. Susan Garrett (verified owner)

    Pleasure doing business with you. Good Quality.

  15. Cenia Crespo (verified owner)

    Please continue with your high standards. It’s what keeps me coming back. Lightning fast shipping, I love it.

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