L.A. Gold Leaf Gray Primer (Outdoor/Indoor Use)

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L.A. Gold Leaf Gray Primer for gilding and graphic arts are finely ground pigmented products that eliminate the requirement for separate applications of a sealer, gesso or bole. They produce a smooth surface requiring no or very light sanding. This is not for use as an architectural coating.

The L.A. Gold Leaf primer is also currently available in Yellow Ocher, Red, and Light Gray. They can be intermixed to create varying color effects when gilding with gold, silver, aluminum, copper and composition leaf. Due to its unique formulation, the L.A. Gold Leaf Primer can be used on many substrates such as wood, plaster, metals, stone, concrete and composition surfaces.

The L.A. Gold Leaf Primer will seal the surface providing excellent adhesion for gilding.

L.A. Gold Leaf Primer are manufactured utilizing premier resins exhibiting excellent adhesion and moisture resistance. The pigments utilized are recommended for gilding applications due to their lasting performance and color retention. The L.A. Gold Leaf Primer is excellent for use on exterior items such as weather vanes and caducei made of copper, bronze, steel or iron.

Coverage (1 layer):

  • 8 oz (1/2 Pint): 25 sq ft
  • 16 oz (Pint): 50 sq ft
  • 32 oz (Quart): 100 sq ft
  • 128 oz (Gallon) 400 sq ft

Additional information

Weight N/A

1/2 Pint $11.00, Pint $18.00, Quart $29.00, Gallon $105.00

1 review for L.A. Gold Leaf Gray Primer (Outdoor/Indoor Use)

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    I have a friend who uses L.A. Gold leaf and knew to ask him for ordering online…I’ve watched him use your product for some time and knew you were the source to go to.

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