23K Genuine Gold Leaf

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Product information for 23K Genuine Gold Leaf:

95.8% Au, 3.5% Ag, 0.7% Cu

Size of each leaf: 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

Thickness of each leaf: not less than 0.107 microns

1 Booklet covers: 1 5/6 sqf

Our 23K Genuine Gold Leaf is also available in 4 booklet packages for both the loose and transfer types. A total of 100 leaf sheets.

23K Genuine Gold Leaf (4 Booklets)
23K Genuine Gold Leaf (4 Booklets)
We also have gold leaf packs for bulk orders exceeding 19 booklets. Each pack contains 20 booklets for a total of 500 genuine gold leaf sheets. A maximum of 7 packs is allowed on every order online (pls contact store for more than 7 packs).

Additional information

Weight N/A
Package and Type

5 Sheets of Loose Leaf $14.00, 5 Sheets of Transfer Leaf $14.12, 1 Booklet (25 sheets) of Loose Leaf $62.37, 1 Booklet (25 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $64.89, 2 Booklets (50 sheets) of Loose Leaf $114.76, 2 Booklets (50 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $119.36, 4 Booklets (100 sheets) of Loose Leaf $212.06, 4 Booklets (100 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $220.56, 10 Booklets (250 sheets) of Loose Leaf $486.49, 10 Booklets (250 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $506.00, Pack (500 sheets) of Loose Leaf $873.17, Pack (500 sheets) of Transfer Leaf $908.17

39 reviews for 23K Genuine Gold Leaf

  1. Ann Cobb (verified owner)

    I don’t know how you possibly get things shipped as quickly as you do. Great job!

  2. Stephen Kapulka (verified owner)

    Price was great – gold leaf was great – emailed a question before my order and it was answered politely and promptly!

  3. Greg Tuter

    Extremely pleased. Ordering was a pleasure, with great e-mail follow up. Order arrived amazingly quick. This was my first purchase, but won’t be my last. Leaf itself has been excellent.

  4. Carol Grasso (verified owner)

    I have been pleased with my recent order and the fact that it was shipped in a timely fashion.

  5. Elyse Krupnick (verified owner)

    I love your products, service and prices. I always get my order in record time. I’ll continue to be a customer for the foreseeable future.

  6. Denise Monaghan (verified owner)

    Very fast service, dependable.

  7. Heidi Scholes (verified owner)

    Great customer service, fast shipping when I really needed it. Thanks!

  8. Rebecca Reid (verified owner)

    Prompt service appreciated.

  9. Robert McDonald

    The fastest delivery ever and the best price.

  10. Asher Emerson (verified owner)

    Love the site layout. Great selection, but wish there was more description on products….like what is double gold leaf and what’s it good for? Ships quick because I’m only in arizona..2 days and it’s here!

  11. Bill Ahearn (verified owner)

    Only shopped twice but AWESOME experience both times! What a professional operation you have. A pleasure to shop with you!

  12. Ron Miller (verified owner)

    Outstanding service from Emelyn. Thank you.

  13. Nathanael Hauser (verified owner)

    I use gold leaf as an iconographer and will recommend you to others. I am very impressed with the speed of your shipping. I was impressed that you called to make sure that the address is correct.

  14. Kendall Howerton

    have only done business one time with L.A. Gold Leaf and was comfortable doing business with them they packaged everything perfect but one gold leaf in the book was folded over. Not the fault of L.A. gold leaf but I wasnt real happy about the leaf being messed up and unable to get it unfolded without it tearing.

  15. Joseph Magana (verified owner)

    I received my first order from your company in a very prompt manner. I was pleasantly surprised. The gold leaf was very good quality to work with. I will be reordering in the future. Thanks I remember finding what I needed to be an easy process. Extra information on your website about gold leaf was very usefull in making sure I was ordering the correct product. Fast and good quality, a welcome change from the usual.

  16. John W. Turner (verified owner)

    Very good, and fast experience. Everything was great, and the order always arrived before the expected time. Thank you.

  17. Karl Beamer (verified owner)

    I’ve dealt with manufacturers and wholesalers since 1963 and so the fact that I’m buying from you speaks for itself. I found all aspects of your service to be exemplary.

  18. Phoebe Sharp (verified owner)

    I only ever get my gold from you – ships like lightning and great product.

  19. Joseph Magana (verified owner)

    And I do go out of my way! I can get gold leaf locally, but your promptness and quality makes it easy to wait an extra day or two, to get what I need, and how much I need. It is very easy to find what I need and place the order I like the little reminders I find on the website, when I am under stress it helps me to make sure I am ordering the right product I am still a loyal customer.

  20. Matt Jett (verified owner)

    Very good service and fast shipping.

  21. Tirzah Hicks (verified owner)

    Of the options I have found on the internet, you are the best choice for me. Before I educated myself on your website, I knew only the basic concept of gold leafing and had only worked with metal leaf in the past. After following your tutorials, I was able to professionally complete a restoration job on an outdoor statue. Thanks! I was able to find out everything I needed to know about what products I needed on your website. I have not inspected the gold leaf itself yet, but packaging does not appear to be damaged.

  22. Staci Chheo (verified owner)

    Awesome company and so willing too help thank you!!!! Very nice people and they are very willing too help with rare issues if any! Thank you do much

  23. Rebecca Reid (verified owner)

    I appreciate very much the fact that you went out of your way to ensure I got the gold size I needed even though you were temporarily out of stock!

  24. Adam Raucci (verified owner)

    Keep the price as low as possible and definitely would go out of my way to shop with you! Was unsure at first, but product is as described! Being a sign maker and using only 23kt gold, I needed to make sure it would match an existing carved sign……their product did without any issues! Thank you.

  25. Phoebe Sharp (verified owner)

    Love this place!

  26. Kevin Thacker (verified owner)

    Outstanding! Easy to see that your organization cares about customer service and you pay attention to the details. I’ll be a return customer for sure. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

  27. Thomas Nawrocki (verified owner)

    This was my first order. So far my experience with your company has been very positive.

  28. Brian Webster (verified owner)

    Quick Service! Thank You!

  29. Maggie Moening (verified owner)

    We have ordered with you several times and always with a perfect result. The couple of times I have called with questions, your staff was both knowledgeable and helpful. We are 100% satisfied with your service and will return whenever we need gold-leafing supplies. The descriptions were very helpful, and as a first time gold-leafer I learned a lot from your site. This helped me in making decisions to buy with you, and definitely made it more likely for me to return to your site (which I have done several times). Everything was perfect, thanks!

  30. Susan Garrett (verified owner)

    It came way before I expected it since it was right before Christmas… I was very happy with my experience with LA Gold Leaf Wholesaler. Thank you!

  31. Antti Eklund (verified owner)

    Your unbelievable response time is awe-inspiring and the deep foundation for my trust in you. Looks like homemade antique, a bit quaint. Good quality but more engineered than designed. The data is all there and the site works professionally and quickly, which is a lot better than most push marketing oriented sites. Search, select, buy – works every time! Again – you are amazingly streamlined and quick – do NOT lose that whatever you do.

  32. Miles Bair (verified owner)

    Excellent gold at a very good price.

  33. Roger Kadlac (verified owner)

    Quality from this service has been outstanding, regarding their metal transfers products and other guilding products. A+ No problems on my system. Everything has been perfect for my needs as an artist. The transfers sheets adhere perfectly when you allow the ground to get just a little tacky.

  34. Alfonso Sanchez Canal

    hola favor de dar mas datos del los productos medidas cuantas laminas tiene cada paquete gracias

  35. Erica Chappuis (verified owner)

    i always shop for gold leaf on this site

  36. Dave Clark (verified owner)

    Excellent experience ordering with L.A. Gold Leaf Wholesaler. Super prices, fast shipping, and they take care in packing your order. Couldn’t be any happier. The website is excellent. Ordering is fast and convenient.

  37. Mike Lord (verified owner)

    Excellent response to two items ordered that were lost in transit. Thank you Emily for all the help and solving the problem! Thank you also Jose for helping me with the correct item.

  38. Archie Silcox (verified owner)

    I had a great experience, it’s good to know that I have a place to go to get my gold leaf and it is fair priced. Saved my …

  39. Tim Togstad (verified owner)

    Great Service Thank You

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