23K Genuine Red Gold Leaf

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23K Genuine Red Gold leaf is the 23K Genuine Gold chemically treated to have a slight red hue. Perfect when a warm tone is needed!

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5 Sheets of Loose Leaf $12.72, 5 Sheets of Transfer Leaf $12.83, 1 Booklet (25) of Loose Leaf $54.94, 1 Booklet (25) of Transfer Leaf $57.13, 2 Booklets (50) of Loose Leaf $101.07, 2 Booklets (50) of Transfer Leaf $105.09, 4 Booklets (100) of Loose Leaf $186.72, 4 Booklets (100) of Transfer Leaf $194.21, 10 Booklets (250) of Loose Leaf $428.37, 10 Booklets (250) of Transfer Leaf $445.53, Pack (500) of Loose Leaf $768.85, Pack (500) of Transfer Leaf $799.68

4 reviews for 23K Genuine Red Gold Leaf

  1. John Powell (verified owner)

    Great folks to work with

  2. Leonard Bumacod (verified owner)

    I like how it craft person user friendly no distractions and super easy even for a old guy like me.

  3. Inga Taylor (verified owner)

    Loved your service.best quality I have found as well. Wonderful quality I highly recommend this is the place to get gold leaf. I will order it to be sent Ups next time as my mail service is very slow and I am very impatient when waiting to get the mother lode! Lol.

  4. Mike Lord (verified owner)

    Excellent support for replacement of damaged order in transit

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