L.A. Gold Leaf Water-Based Topcoat Clear Gloss



A quick drying and tough protectant, L.A. Gold Leaf’s Water-Based Topcoat Gloss is a great choice for those seeking a gilding topcoat that is impact-resistant and weather-resistant, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor-use. It has a gloss-quality that creates an attractive sheen similar to our solvent-based Topcoat Gloss. This product also contains these qualities once it has cured:

  • Water-resistant once cured
  • non-toxic
  • non-flammable
  • environmentally safe
  • UV-stable (meaning it has greater durability than UV-stabilized)
  • Non-Yellowing


  • Cloudiness may result from excessive brushing or agitation or brushing after the film has begun to dry
  • You can thin your Gloss Medium & Varnish by using water (over-thinning with water may result in poor adhesion)
  • Do not allow to dry on brushes or tools — your brushes will be ruined!
  • Clean your brushes or tools with soap & water after use
  • Dries permanent & is water resistant

Available in 4 oz., 1/2 pint, pint, quart, and gallon sizes. Call for bulk orders.


If you have an interest in only using water-based products, try our Aqua Size gold adhesive! Or if you wish to go a more traditional route, try our Water Gilding products!

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1/4 Pint (4 oz.) $8.50, 1/2 Pint (8 oz.) $15, Pint (16 oz.) $22, Quart (32 oz.) $40, Gallon (128 oz.) $120


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