L.A. Gold Leaf Acrylic Satin Topcoat (Outdoor/Indoor Use)

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L.A. Gold Leaf Acrylic Topcoat Satin for gilding, artwork, hobby and graphic arts. The satin topcoat is a non-reactive premium water clear vehicle composed of acrylic copolymers with outstanding characteristics. In addition, it’s viscosity allows application by brush or spray over gold leaf, protecting the surface from abrasion, water, ultra-violet light, and chemicals. As a result, the topcoat will last years without yellowing, making it a long-lasting solution for protecting gold leaf.

Coverage (1 layer):

  • 8 oz (1/2 Pint): 25 sq ft
  • 16 oz (Pint): 50 sq ft
  • 32 oz (Quart): 100 sq ft
  • 128 oz (Gallon) 400 sq ft

Additional information

Weight N/A

1/2 Pint $14.00, Pint $18.50, Quart $32.00, Gallon $93.00

1 review for L.A. Gold Leaf Acrylic Satin Topcoat (Outdoor/Indoor Use)

  1. John W. Turner (verified owner)

    The BEST. I would deal with LA Gold Leaf Wholesalers, over Block, or Utrech Art Supply, every time ! Fast reliable service, with great prices.

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