L.A. Gold Leaf Quick Dry Size (Outdoor/Indoor Use)

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A clear Oil Base gilder’s adhesive (size) for fast leaf work. It affords excellent durability, flexibility and open time for interior and exterior gilding applications. The L.A. Gold Leaf Quick Dry Size gilding size will achieve tack in approximately 1½ hours and the tack will remain for approximately the same period of time. Total hard dry occurs in about 36 hours. It should be noted that tack and dry times are subjective to the gilder’s technique, thickness of the film and are approximate depending on the ambient temperature and humidity when applied.

Coverage (1 layer):

  • 4 oz (1/4 Pint): 12.5 sq ft
  • 8 oz (1/2 Pint): 25 sq ft
  • 16 oz (Pint): 50 sq ft
  • 32 oz (Quart): 100 sq ft
  • 128 oz (Gallon) 400 sq ft

Additional information

Weight N/A

1/4 Pint $9.00, 1/2 Pint $14.50, Pint $22.50, Quart $41.50, Gallon $135

3 reviews for L.A. Gold Leaf Quick Dry Size (Outdoor/Indoor Use)

  1. Gina Coffman (verified owner)

    Gold leaf was an experiment for me, my decision was price driven Very well packed for shipping

  2. Joshua Wheeler (verified owner)

    Awesome suppliers

  3. david_goldes (verified owner)

    This size may work for some customers but for me, the thick skin that forms on the surface of the size prevents easy access to the liquid beneath it. What I do is break through the congealed skin, then filter (paint strainer or an old stocking) the accessed liquid and store in another container. Unfortunately the next time I need to use the size the same skin has formed in the new container as well and must be dealt with again. I’m going to try DUX or the water based version which is easier to work with.

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